sexta-feira, 30 de maio de 2014

Ride for Revenge – "Enter the Gauntlet"

Some weeks ago, Finland has blessed us with one filthy pearl of beastly black metal. Imagine if Archgoat or Beherit took their foot off the gas for a while and started to listen to Sunn O))). They would probably sound like their countrymen Ride for Revenge, whose latest full-length Enter the Gauntlet was released in the beginning of May. They offer us therein a cacophony of distorted lo-fi guitars, prominent bass lines and hypnotizing tunes, peppered with sickly raspy vocals. It’s the perfect amalgamation of raw black metal and drony, ritualistic soundscapes. Check out their Bandcamp and buy the album. It’s 6 euros for 73 minutes of mindfuckíng and mesmerizing music, for Satan’s sake.  

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