quinta-feira, 1 de maio de 2014

Lantlôs - Melting Sun II: Cherry Quartz

Since a few days back, NPR has been streaming "Cherry Quartz", the second track from Lantlôs' upcoming album Melting Sun. Let's be honest, it's no Agape - my personal favorite from the band - but it kinda got me stoked for the official release. Its doom-scented, post-rocky, shoegazy tunes are definitely something to look forward to. 

A grave injustice has been committed by many (perhaps myself included) towards bands like Lantlôs or Alcest, who decided to leave behind their black metal roots and evolve towards new paths. Attention has oftentimes been centered on how they ditched black metal instead of on the virtues of the music itself. Let's face it, sometimes certain bands consciously abandon their initial musical paradigm to embark upon a new sonority. Some of these bands do a good job, while others screw it all up. The fact that I'm a committed old school Satanic black metal fanatic is in no way compromised by my propensity to listen to Alcest in a sunny, blissful day. In many ways, we dwell in a dualistic cosmos: there's no darkness without light. As the subtitle of our blog hints, there's no misanthropy without butterflies. While striving to give vent to our hatred and destroy our enemies, one has to stop once in awhile to smell the flowers. The main point is that, like all living organisms, bands can develop, improve, mature - while remaining honest

To sum it up, I don't give the slightest fuck about how trve a band is, insofar as it is true. I think that Alcest and Lantlôs are good examples of such cases.         

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