quarta-feira, 12 de março de 2014

Alastor – From the Hellish Abyss

Lately, I’ve been listening quite often to Alastor’s LP From the Hellish Abyss, released last year by Hoth Records. Alastor is one of the side-projects of JA, the mastermind behind Decayed, one of the most influential black metal bands hailing from Portugal. We can easily relate Alastor with Decayed, mainly through the borrowings from first-wave black metal bands and good ol’ times rock’n’roll, the latter being the primal root whence all heavy music rose, notwithstanding the unawareness of this fact by many in the scene nowadays. We’re streaming here From the Hellish Abyss, but Alastor's entire discography is available for listening and download at their Bandcamp

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