domingo, 8 de dezembro de 2013

This week in news

It's been a slow week, but here are some highlights:

Interesting shit

Nefarious realm are compiling 666 songs from 666 bands in a free playlist for the masses. Check it out here.


Mammatus - Heady Mental
The new album by rock psychonauts Mammatus is now available at stores. You can buy it here. Listen to the bands s/t here.


Bossk - Pick-Up Artist/Albatross
Bossk are a post-metal ("post-everything, it says) band that have paved a solid path in the scene these past years. An EP is announced to release December the 13th this year. Check it out here

Conan - Blood Eagle
What I believe will make the top releases of 2014, Conan's Blood Eagle now has an official (awesome) artwork and tracklist. Check it here

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